1. Singer-songwriter Elizabeth Carol K ( elizabethcarolk )
    as seen through photos by Jess Rumoro, Summer 2014

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  2. I was so very honored to have been asked to participate in this special day by Kim, one of the women who has played such a special part in my journey (not to mention saw my first live performance which was in the 8th grade talent show!). Happy International Day Of The Girl!

  3. Singer-songwriter Elizabeth Carol K ( elizabethcarolk )
    as seen through photos by Jess Rumoro, Summer 2014

    bandcamp fb / tumblr / youtube / twitter / reverbnation

  4. so my old catch-all “I have to write everything down the second after I play it cause I won’t remember that chord progression in 5 minutes” songwriting notebook was in my backpack that was stolen on tour in Houston. I’ve decided this one is a fitting replacement.

  5. heyhey look who has stickers now!
    You can find both for purchase HERE

  6. sneak peak #2
    courtesy of redlipsandwhitewine

  7. Courtesy of redlipsandwhitewine (!)


  8. Songs For Teenagers [Looper] (Fake Problems/The Gaslight Anthem) | Elizabeth Carol K bandcamp fb / tumblr / youtube / twitter / reverbnation

    I made a video/recording of this song a couple years ago but it seemed high time for an updated version. This one-take live recording uses the wonderfully amazing tool that is the Boss RC-300 Loop Station.

  9. 8/2 (5:00AM)
    Sunrise over Illinois
    SOMEWHERE (in Illinois), USA

    photos by:
    hankbieber of beautyminusbeast

  10. 8/2 (6:00AM)
    End of tour portraits
    SOMEWHERE (in Illinois), USA

  11. 8/2 (12:30AM)
“God bless Arkansas”
SOMEWHERE (in Arkansas), USA

  12. 8/1
    Today’s outfit and face brought to you by thieves stealing my makeup and the open window on the highway
    SOMEWHERE (in Texas), USA

  13. 8/1
    Homeward bound.
We gave it our best shot Texas, but you got us good - broken passenger side window and all. cheers to meeting again but on better terms.

    for now, Bruce. (maybe it’s not the ideal album, it’s the only one we could find secondhand. It has Radio Nowhere, and it’s Bruce, so GOOD ENOUGH)

  14. 7/31
    Sometimes things go wrong. things go really really wrong. and you walk to the car after a gig to see the window smashed and your backpacks stolen. and it starts to rain “the hardest it’s rained since Hurricane Allison.” and the streets are flooded and you’ve left the venue to seek shelter from the storm under a gas station awning, trying to block out the rain with a towel that won’t stay up.

    but then the police need you back at the venue to fill out the report you filed. so you ride with a busted window. park across the street throw the flashers on, run inside, wading through the calf-deep water filled streets, and seek shelter with the rest of the patrons waiting out the storm.

    and you stay there for some time and watch the rain pouring down. and you feel warm. and people are nice (like they have been all night). and you’re helping move trashcans around the bar to catch the rain leaking through the roof. and you decide if this were to happen anywhere, you’re glad it happened here.

    so the rain settles. you grab your stuff and get in the car. crunched in the backseat next to an amp the thieves didn’t take, cause the front seat is still littered with glass. and you drive a block. your bandmate starts throwing up into a pillow. you pull over, jump out of the car before it even stops rolling so he can get to the street. and in that moment, holding onto a roll of paper towels in the down pouring rain in the middle of Texas, after 10 days on the road and 3 days from your last shower, everything is funny. everything is ridiculous. and you all decide to laugh really really hard to keep yourselves from crying.

    and that how these hilariously happy photos came to exist on one of the worst nights of tour.

    Houston, TX

  15. 7/31
    Seeking shelter under the awning of a gas station to get out of the monsoon that ensued after having our window busted in the parking lot. trying to block the rain with a towel. giving up. and issuing our anger accordingly.
    Houston, TX