1. Jack Of All Trades (Bruce Springsteen) | Elizabeth Carol K
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    this rough cut has been chilling in my drafts for a good month or so. oops.



    Look at this exciting news! Our first ever tour!! July 22nd - August 5th!!

    elizabethcarolk be hitting the road with good friends beautyminusbeast and Mighty Ships (on select dates). We have some places booked already, but could use whatever help we can get so if you have any friends/contacts/live in these cities and want to help, feel free to message us to set something up!

    and of course if you live in any of these cities we’d absolutely love to meet you this summer - let’s match some faces to social media handles/urls, yeah?

    7/22 Chicago, IL
    7/23 Milwaukee, WI
    7/24 Minneapolis, MN
    7/25 Des Moines/Ames, IA
    7/26 Lincoln, NE
    7/27 Lawrence, KS
    7/28 Tulsa/Oklahoma City, OK
    7/29 Dallas, TX
    7/30 Austin, TX
    7/31 Houston, TX

    8/1 Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA
    8/2 Jackson, MS
    8/3 Memphis, TN
    8/4 St. Louis, MO
    8/5 Champaign/Urbana // Bloomington/Normal, IL

    Cheers to the summer!
    - Elizabeth


  3. Peter (Daughter) | Elizabeth Carol K
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    my humble humble cover


  4. extraordinaryjessica:

    I’ve been missing you like crazy, it’s a shame I’ll never say it right out or face to face. But I’ve been missing you like crazy, it’s a shame I’ll never say it and you’ll never take me seriously. 


  5. a-grey-shade-of-being:

    Listen/purchase: Symptoms by Elizabeth Carol K

    We didn’t see the numbers drop at first, a linear decline. Just chalked the changing symptoms up to full moons and rising tides. I’ll remember this winter as the one my shoulder blades ground to powder on the floor, The one I spent alone waist deep in midnight walks and coffee shops with fractured teeth. 

    A monster with a hammer in my hand, nail marks, eyes opened up so wide. Shaky fists and empty thoughts, covers up to drown florescent lights. The inhaled moments I held close, grew cold and I gave in, let them go. I burned them for heat. Sitting on the gutter’s step, ash and embers, watching smolder what I can’t replace. 

    So we sat in your room, my face was covered up. That same picture 200 round-trip miles away, at my desk is still up. No, that doesn’t make me better babe, just more afraid of change and less willing to accept all the damage that I did. 

    And I could blame my loss of sanity, claim it was medically induced and even though that’s true, I’ll pay, I’ve broken this - excuses are no use. ‘Cause I didn’t catch the pieces shatter, too far, a state away. Right now we hardly talk, there’s not much I dare to say. Except these Midwest winters are still so goddamn long and full of decay. 

    And wanting your acceptance is a terrible habit, it makes me feel reckless and frankly too much like a whore. I’ve been throwing so much of my life in your mailbox and at your front door. So I tuck my shirt into my jeans, baptize myself with vinegar and bleach. Cynical and circular, I’ve starting counting my steps again. And flashbacks scratched me raw until I bled. 

    Do you care? Do you dare? Can I ask to talk this out?


  6. crossedouteyes asked: I really enjoyed listening to Hysterics. What made you start writing and performing?


    [ crossedouteyes — I’m gonna ramble to this publicly just in case anyone else is interested. hope you don’t mind! ]

    the “what made me start” is actually a kinda hard but my extended family’s always been pretty musical. I taught myself how to play guitar in 8th grade with a little help from my dad. at 15 I was given the opportunity to do an “opening cover set” for a family friend’s band at a restaurant — and I’ve been doing 2-3hr cover sets in restaurants and bars since then. while working on original work on the side.

    I’ve always been a writer. conor oberst has a lyric that says “all this automatic writing I have tried to understand, from a psychedelic angel who was tugging on my hand” and that’s always resonated with me cause it’s always just kinda felt like that. not so much an angel tugging on my hand but just a constant flow of words (which you all probably get from my rambling on here haha). I just needed to write. if I ignore it for too long my head gets so clogged up (I’ve tried). I have a bunch of lyric journals/notebooks going way way back. just words and words and words and words.

    it took me a long while to get to the things you hear on hysterics though. I have some earlier songs that I liked working on and they hold a special place in my heart, but they didn’t feel “right” yet — it was when I pushed myself to be even more honest through the music I was writing that songs like Autobiography came out and that song was the one that, once I wrote it, I felt a shift in my work and it kinda spurred/snowballed into all the work you hear on Hysterics now!

    (I was asked some nice questions on my personal blog yesterday!)


  7. crossedouteyes asked: I don't mind how you answer at all! Your lyrics are very relatable. (That word doesn't feel right but it's as close as I can get to what I mean.) I truly enjoyed listening to Hysterics, it struck me in quite a way that I haven't had happen since first hearing Proper by Evan/IIOI. What do you do besides music and writing?


    you just compared my lyric feels to IIOI’s Proper?? wow wow. if that isn’t just one of the best compliments/comparisons I’ve l ever received. thank you.

    I’m going to school - majoring in advertising, with a tentative minor in creative writing. and a honorary minor in tumblr and pulling all nighters haha

    (received a really great compliment on Hysterics via my personal blog :D )


  8. Film Noir [Piano] (The Gaslight Anthem) | Elizabeth Carol K
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    something from a week or so ago. whenever I get a chance to be around a real piano I try to take advantage. and what better way than with gaslight tunes

  9. beautyminusbeast and elizabethcarolk @ Fizz 3/6/2014

    Photo by Mike Herbert


  10. Gig Life [Piano] (The World Is A Beautiful Place…) | Elizabeth Carol K
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    file under: interpretive piano covers

  11. what I learned tonight: my singing voice doubles as a dog whistle. yeah yeah. (practicing with beautyminusbeast)


  12. Ladykiller (The Horrible Crowes) | Elizabeth Carol K
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  13. beautyminusbeast:

    I got to sing The Moon Song with elizabethcarolk last Thursday, and it was such a nice moment I had to share it. Never mind me mouthing the wrong lyrics to her…

    ah, lyrical missteps - they keep us humble, keep us honest.


  14. In case you didn’t know last month I finally released this project I’d been working on for the better part of a year. it’s free to download. so if that’s a thing you’re feeling this monday morning, have it at friends.

  15. beautyminusbeast + Elizabeth Carol K @ Fizz — 3.6.14 (photo by Brad P)